Boisset has been widely recognized as the pioneering leader in introducing unique, convenent, and lower carbon footprint innovations in wine packaging, including recognition as 2008's "Innovator of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Now, Boisset has announced an elegant innovation for wine service by-the-glass: the DeLoach Vineyards Barrel to Barrel.

Alternative packaging, such as French rabbit’s Tetra Pak carton and Fog Mountain's PET* bottle, dramatically reduce a wine’s carbon footprint while offering wine drinkers the convenience of a lightweight, shatterproof container that is recyclable and extremely efficient in reducing the packaging and energy associated with the production and transportation of a typical wine bottle.

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Boisset's pioneering efforts toward eco-friendly alternative packaging have earned wide respect throughout the wine world. Jean-Charles Boisset was named 2008 "Innovator of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, while The Meininger Publishing Group of Germany declared him "International Wine Entrepreneur of the Year" for 2008. French rabbit wines have earned three SIAL awards as one of the worlds' top wine brands, have been recognized by one of the world's largest wine retailers (the LCBO of Ontario, Canada) as "Most Innovative Product of the Year", and were declared an "Icon of Design" by Harrod's, the celebrated London department store, among other awards and accolades.